Paper Dolls

Directed by Shahana Khan Khalil

Written by Daphne Macy

Produced by Elizabeth Ng & Daphne Macy


Paper Dolls was the official submission of the "Coffee Cup Group" into the 2014 AAFL 72 Hour Filmmaking Competition, which focused on the theme- "The Color of My Hair". It was written, shot, edited and completed between June 6-9th, 2014.


The film was selected as one of the top 35 films (out of over 400 submission) and will be screened on NYC Life (channel 25) and CrossingsTV. The film will also be screened at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.


Other than Shahana Khan Khalil, Elizabeth Ng and Daphne Macy, the production team also included composer Elizabeth Lim, AD Oren Oettinger, Camera Assistant Christian Dobler and PAs Karoline Gabrielsen and Ilinca Tuvene. The cast also included Agustin Silva, Carlotta Bazzu, Kian Kavousi and Philip Andrew Trumpi.